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Fic: Right Here (Part 2/?)

Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Characters: Sarah/Cameron

Rating: M (overall rating for the whole story)

Disclaimer: Fox owns. I play.

My anonymous best friend

A/N: Ok so I'm thinking after this chapter I'll dive into the plot. But I need some opinions on where to go with it. I was thinking I could have this fic starting somewhere in the middle of season 2 and just continue on from there. Maybe change the ending of the season or keep it the same dunno yet but yeah. Anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter. Next ones longer I promise haha

Right Here – Part 2


It had been a week since Sarah had that sleepless night, deep within her thoughts about Cameron. Ever since then, there was nothing else she thought of in a spare moment. It was driving Sarah insane. It was as if that moment in the car flipped a switch in Sarah’s mind and now everything Cameron did stood out. Hell, even everything Sarah herself did stood out more. She was constantly aware of putting space between them or if they did touch, she would end the contact immediately, hating how it felt so good.

Sarah sighed as she pondered over her week. She assumed John was out with Riley somewhere as usual, they might even be in the house. She’d been in her room most of the day. Most of the week really. Avoiding. But she would have to double check with Cameron about John’s whereabouts. Sarah left her room to find Cameron and ended up searching the entire house with no luck. The thought occurred to her that Cameron might be in her own room. Sarah let out a brief chuckle.

Sarah came to a stop outside Cameron’s door. She waited a few seconds, wondering if she should knock or walk in. She decided to knock but only waited a beat before opening the door slowly.

Cameron had heard Sarah coming but was wondering why she had stopped outside her door. Hesitation or indecision.  Cameron was relieved when Sarah did knock and come in. She was sitting on her bed with a book and looked up as Sarah came into view.

“Hey.” Sarah awkwardly and quietly greeted. Awkward because Sarah knew how she felt and was trying to not show it. Cameron closed her book and set it aside.

“Hello, Sarah.” Was Cameron’s typical response, she remained seated. Sarah took a step inside the room, not knowing what to say. She couldn’t remember why she was in Cameron’s room in the first place. Her eye’s avoided the girl, the machine, sitting on the bed watching her every move. Sarah could pretty much feel the heat of Cameron’s stare on her entire body.

“Did you need something?” Cameron asked with a surprising curious tone. After hearing her voice again, Sarah unintentionally let her eyes fall on Cameron again. A wave coursed through her body. She needed a distraction. Why was she in here? She searched through an empty house to find Cameron. Empty house, no John.

“Uh, I was wondering if you know where John is.” Sarah finally managed. She was surprised to see Cameron look away from her. It was odd to not be watched now.

“He went out with Riley. They have been gone for two hours and twelve minutes.” Cameron’s cyborg tone surfaced. Maybe it was the information that did that.

“Thanks.” Sarah rapidly spoke and back out of the room, still thinking about the way Cameron averted her eyes. She closed Cameron’s door and went downstairs. Sarah made herself a coffee and sat on the couch. It was the afternoon; she had thought it was late morning. It felt strange now that John and Cameron didn’t go to school. They were either here or not here. And where the fuck was Derek all the time?

Sarah sighed and leaned back into couch, resting her mug on her leg. She heard loud footfalls come down the stairs and get closer. Cameron came through the doorway and Sarah felt the heat return. She didn’t expect Cameron to sit next to her.

Neither said a word. Sarah drank her coffee. Cameron looked down at her hands. Sarah kept side glancing at Cameron, wanting to look at her for longer but catching herself.

Cameron’s hair fell slightly, covering the side of her face. Sarah took a longer look at Cameron and her eyes lingered on her delicate looking hands. Of course they were far from that. Sarah found herself eyeing up Cameron’s legs. Again.

Cameron realised Sarah thought she couldn’t see her looking. Sarah had a look in her eyes she hadn’t seen in six days. There was a want there. Cameron was starting to heat up as Sarah stared so dreamily at Cameron’s thighs. What was this heat? Cameron was sure it wasn’t normal. She couldn’t tell Sarah or she’ll think she’s malfunctioning again. Cameron checked her systems but they were all fine. Cameron wanted to be closer to Sarah. She didn’t know she could want until now.

Sarah wondered what Cameron would do if she moved closer to her. If she ran a hand through Cameron’s hair and brought their faces closer. Would Cameron kiss her. Would Cameron feel it. Would Cameron like it.

Cameron slowly turned her head and tucked her hair behind her ear. Her eyes found Sarah’s already staring at her so intensely she didn’t know what to do or say. But her body certainly was going through something.

Sarah saw Cameron’s confused expression, curiosity overtook her but made her realise what she had been thinking about so freely. Which then led her to realise that she was extremely turned on by the thoughts. She was turned on by Cameron.

Panic washed over her. She stood abruptly and nearly ran to the kitchen, put the mug in the sink, grabbed her keys and took off out the door. Only when she had made it outside did Sarah dare breathe.

Cameron nearly sighed at the antics of Sarah Connor.

To be continued...


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