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Fic: Right Here (1/?)

Title: Right Here (part 1/?)

Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing: Sarah/Cameron

Rating: M

Word Count: 657

Summary: A short chapter. Let me know if it’s good enough to continue and I’ll work on a plot.


Sarah lay awake in bed; it was the dead of the night. The strangest thing had happened earlier that day and she just couldn’t keep her mind from the fresh memory. Although now she’d thought about it so much that her memory of it may differ from what actually did happen.

She had been in the car with Cameron on the way home after a ‘day watch’ at a warehouse. They hadn’t spoken about what the plan was there. They hadn’t spoken at all in fact. A full 15 minutes of silence. Sarah had glanced across at Cameron who was driving. This had been one of those times that Sarah had starred at Cameron for a few seconds too long and started to enjoy it.

Her eyes roamed downwards and found Cameron’s legs. Covered with jeans of course. So tight that it wasn’t hard to picture them absent. Sarah eye’s caught movement and snapped back up to find Cameron looking at her. Sarah’s eyes widened in shock of Cameron’s expression, not blank or confused. She was smirking.

And then. Sarah’s heart jumped as Cameron winked at her before switching the radio on and returning her attention to the road. Sarah tore her eyes away from Cameron and focused on anything but the girl.

Sarah’s mind finally returned to the present as she felt a dulled version of her earlier emotion flood through her at the memory. That smirk. It was like Cameron knew what she was thinking. And then the wink. Where on earth did that come from? Sarah was sure she hadn’t been obvious with her developing acceptance of Cameron. Or her developing something else.

Sarah swallowed hard at the thought. It was getting increasingly hard to ignore over the last few weeks. She pulled the covers off herself and sat on the edge of her bed, contemplating getting a glass of water and inevitably seeing Cameron. She sighed in helplessness, rising to her feet and walking to her door, taking a deep breath before opening it and quietly proceeding to the kitchen.

Sarah poured and drank the water as quick as she could, trying to avoid Cameron’s presence. She was too aware of her own feelings right at this moment. But just as she finished and put the glass in the sink she heard that voice. That one she secretly longed to hear.

“You cannot sleep?” Cameron asks innocently as Sarah refuses to face her.

“Yeah, something like that.” She responds quietly, aware Cameron will hear her anyway. Sarah can feel her gaze against her back so she turns and looks at Cameron, heart skipping at the sight of her in the moonlight through the window.

“Are you okay?” Cameron questions further while slowly stepping closer. Sarah inched backwards into the kitchen bench. It was starting to become a mission to breath.

“I’m fine. Why?” Sarah unintentionally came across as irritated. Cameron tilted her head.

“Because you are standing alone in the dark.” Sarah noticed Cameron’s voice wasn’t completely automated sounding. If anything, it was very slightly defensive. She sighed at the tone she’d used and the habit she had of using it with Cameron nearly every day.

“Oh. Yeah. I just wanted some water.” Sarah’s tone was dismissive this time while avoiding looking at her. Cameron took it as a hint to leave Sarah alone. It’s usually what that tone meant.

“Thank you for explaining. Goodnight.” She turned and started to walk away. Sarah watched as Cameron was disappearing from her sight. Again it wasn’t the tone she had planned to use but it had slipped out from habit.

Sarah’s mind mulled over Cameron’s words as she was once again ‘standing alone in the dark’. Why did that seem to have a double meaning? Sarah sighed and returned to her room, not getting nearly enough sleep that night. Even though she longed for the company of Cameron, she wouldn’t admit it. She was alone.

Tags: sarah connor chronicles, sarah/cameron, terminator

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