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Fic: Right Here (3/?)

Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Title: Right Here

Pairing: Sarah/Cameron

Rating: M (Whole story rating)

Beta: My anonymous best friend

Disclaimer: Fox owns. I play.



Cameron was sitting at the dining room table when John got home with Riley. It was now dark out and Sarah still hadn’t come back. She didn’t know if she had done something bad, usually she has. Cameron replayed the events of the afternoon but couldn’t find anything wrong. Sarah just got up and left. She ran from her.

Cameron needed to know where Sarah was, it’d been too long. Hours. She stood and strode purposefully up to John’s room, without knocking, she walked in. John and Riley pulled out of their make out session on the bed. Different expressions displayed on their faces. John looked annoyed while Riley looked utterly shocked. Good, there was something odd about Riley’s persistence with John that Cameron couldn’t work out.

“What the hell, Cameron?” John asked loudly, his tone matched his expression. Cameron looked right at him blankly.

“I need you for a few minutes.” She spoke, trying to sound human in front of Riley. John looked at her with an ‘are you fucking serious’ face before he got up and walked out of the room.

“Well?” John asked impatiently when Cameron had joined him in the hallway and closed Riley in his room.

“Where would your mother go if she was troubled, sad or really angry?” Cameron tried to make it simple for John. She knew he would ask questions but she didn’t have time.

“Uh, I’m not sure. Why? What did you do?” He asked and folded his arms. He looked down slightly at Cameron.

“I don’t know. I need to find her.” Cameron looked away from John and stared at the wall.

“You could try the cell phone tracking thing. Did she take hers?” John was starting to get concerned and Cameron could tell. She didn’t want him coming with her to get Sarah.

“Yes. She never leaves without it, even when she’s angry.” Cameron softly said and John sighed in agreement.

“I’ll help you, okay?” John told Cameron. She looked back up to him.

“I will find her. Don’t worry.” Cameron needed John to stay here. She was going to try talk to Sarah about what was happening to her. That is, if Sarah talked to her at all.

“Okay fine but tell me when you come home.” John retreated back into his bedroom, leaving Cameron in the dark hallway. She made her way downstairs and to the laptop, she looked up Sarah’s cell phone and found where she was. Some bar not far from the house. She shut the laptop and went for the keys.

Derek came through the door just as Cameron stood from her seat. He gave her a death stare as she neared him. He was in the path to the front door.

“Where’s Sarah?” He asked with a hint of authority. Cameron resisted the urge to not answer him at all.

“I’m going to get her.” A simple answer yet it meant so much. Cameron realised she was smiling at the double meaning as she walked out the front door and to the car.


Cameron parked outside the bar. She swiftly exited the vehicle, locking it just as fast. She made her way inside, no-one stopped her. When she was greeted with the music and rowdy drunken voices she stopped walking. Cameron scanned the bar for Sarah. Scenarios of what may have happened to her started to calculate.

Her scans became faster as Cameron came up with very unpleasant explanations for who Sarah may have encountered here. Cameron walked further into the room for a better view. There were a lot of men looking at her. She had been in such a hurry to get to Sarah that she hadn’t put on a jacket. Now everyone had more to look at.

Cameron spotted Sarah sitting at a table in a dark area towards the back and headed her way. The amount of relief she felt was unexpected. Sarah had a beer in front of her and her head was down. Cameron sat opposite her and waited, afraid to speak now that she was in Sarah’s presence.

Sarah looked up with troubled eyes. She wasn’t surprised to see Cameron sitting there until she saw her eyes. Cameron was looking at her with concern but also hesitation. Sarah sat up straighter and reserved herself. The object of her thoughts was in front of her. Neither had spoken.

Cameron was about to speak, to tell Sarah that there was something going on with her. That she needed her help. But Sarah spoke first and very suddenly.

“I knew you’d be the one to come find me.” She said in a sad, defeated tone. Sarah’s features changed to confusion as she watched Cameron look down in an ashamed way. Always doing the wrong things. Cameron concluded that she wasn’t what Sarah wanted.

Sarah looked at Cameron with such confusion. The girl looked sad, that much was clear. It hurt Sarah to see Cameron look this way. She realised Cameron hadn’t even answered her verbally. She was about to question her but her attention was brought to a man stumbling over to their table.

“Hey pretty lady, you look at bit down. I reckon I can make you happy.” He claimed to Cameron with a stupid grin that made Sarah want to punch him square in the nose. Cameron ignored the man and slowly looked up at Sarah with such intensity it made Sarah draw in a sharp breath. Her heart started pounding as she stared into those eyes that held so much...emotion.

“C’mon girl, I’ll show you a good time. You’ll be smiling for weeks.” He was starting to get pushy and Sarah didn’t like where it was headed. She looked up at him though he was staring at Cameron, who was still looking at Sarah.

“Sorry, we just came in for a quick drink.” Sarah tried to nicely reject the drunken man. Sarah’s gaze stayed on him but longed to look at the girl sitting opposite her.

“The hell you did. You came here to have some fun!” He spoke loudly now at Sarah, turning his body to face her.

“Uh, no were good thanks.” Sarah averted her gaze to the table where her drink sat. There was movement and mumbled words. Sarah saw the man lift his arm and grab hers before she could move. Sarah had little time to react before Cameron had risen and pulled him from her.

Cameron leaned in close to him and said something Sarah couldn’t quite hear. He smirked and walked off leaving the seated Sarah utterly lost on what just happened. Cameron turned and sat beside Sarah this time, not opposite. Her head was facing the rest of the bar; she looked at everyone but Sarah. She was getting frustrated with no eye contact from the girl.

“Cameron?” She lifted her hand and touched Cameron’s arm, not succeeding in ignoring how good it felt to touch her bare skin.

“Yes?” A typical monotone response. Sarah sighed at Cameron’s avoidance and dropped her hand.

“Look at me...” At Sarah’s soft request, Cameron’s eyes slowly and hesitantly reach Sarah’s. When they made eye contact there was no denying that something surged through Sarah.

“What did you say to him?” Sarah asked Cameron and searching the girl’s eyes for answers. Cameron looked at Sarah, trying to hide the way she was feeling. What she was feeling and why.

“I told him I will meet him out back in twenty minutes.” Cameron stated simply and watched for Sarah’s reaction. Her face briefly flickered something but went blank apart from her usual frown and she just stared at Cameron.

“So he’s gone out there and waited? For you?” Sarah clarified out loud, feeling anger and repulsion towards the sleaze. Cameron saw Sarah’s expression of disgust.

“Yes, although I will not be joining him.” Cameron felt she needed to make that clear to Sarah from the look on her face. She wasn’t sure who Sarah was disgusted with.

“Oh, don’t let me keep you.” Sarah joked with half a smile, feeling her angry emotions fade. Cameron’s lips curved into a slight smile.

“I am not interested in him.” Cameron stated but broke eye contact and looked down again when she saw Sarah’s face go serious so suddenly at her words.

“We better go,” Sarah declared just as suddenly. “He might get impatient and come looking for you again.” She added to change her train of thoughts about Cameron’s last statement.

“Yes.” Her simple response as she stood. Cameron waited for Sarah to stand before she started walking towards the exit. Sarah followed Cameron out of the bar, trying her best but finding it very hard not to look at the way Cameron’s body moved when she walked. Sarah knew the alcohol had let her become a little more relaxed about how she was feeling for the terminator but right now she couldn’t think of it as a bad thing.

When they had reached the car and gotten in, Cameron turned to Sarah before starting the engine. “Sarah...I need to discus something with you.” She hoped Sarah wouldn’t find her statement suspicious.

“Uh, okay. Now?” Sarah asked slowly, eyeing the terminator warily. She saw Cameron look down and her own hands and hesitate but she looked back up after a moment.

“When we get back would be better.” Cameron spoke softly, the tone made Sarah’s heart jump. She nodded, took a breath and sat up straighter trying to shake that intoxicated feeling as Cameron started the car and headed home. Sarah spent the entire time wondering what on earth Cameron would want to ‘discus’ with her.

The house was quiet when they entered through the front door. Cameron walked into the kitchen and put the keys on the table. She was unsure how to start the conversation with Sarah. How was she even going to begin telling Sarah about her growing emotions?

Sarah came into the dark kitchen and looked at her. Cameron had noticed a change in Sarah over the past weeks but she wasn’t quite sure what it was. There was definitely less anger directed at Cameron and she was extremely aware of that fact.

“I’m uh, going to shower before we...discus whatever you had in mind.” Sarah told Cameron before she turned and left the room. Cameron heard Sarah go up the stairs and into her bathroom.

Sarah turned the water on and waited for it to heat. She knew she was stalling talking with Cameron because she was afraid of what it was about. It occurred to her that Cameron may have noticed her change of behaviour recently and was about to confront her. She was trying to figure out what to say if that was the case.

The water felt just right so Sarah stepped into the shower and tried to relax a little under the heat. The more she thought about Cameron, the more nervous she was getting about talking to her. How could she feel this way for a terminator? A machine?

It was so wrong but she couldn’t lie to herself now. She’d already thought about it too much to deny it. Besides, it’s not like Cameron could feel anything back. Sarah couldn’t ignore how that thought hurt her. She let out a shaking breath and washed the day off her body.

Sarah had just put on her underwear and a tank top when Cameron knocked on her door. It was a very quiet knock. She went over to the door and opened it, immediately wishing something was covering her bare legs as Cameron’s eyes gazed down. She could barely feel her cheeks burning compared to the fire that ignited within her as Cameron’s stare travelled up her body.

“Cameron,” Sarah managed to keep a quiet, steady voice. Cameron’s eyes met hers. “You can come in now.” Sarah added with a small smile then walked over to her bed. She pulled the covers open and seated herself under the sheet to cover her folded legs. Cameron closed the door and approached the bed slowly, still trying to find the words to aid her explanation.

“May I?” Cameron requested nervously, indicating to the edge of the bed. Sarah nodded and Cameron positioned herself quite a way away from her.

“What did you want to talk about?” Sarah couldn’t handle not knowing anymore so she started the conversation. Cameron waited a few moments before looking at Sarah and speaking.

“There is...something happening with me.” Cameron saw the frown appear on Sarah’s face. “It’s not...bad. I don’t think it could harm anyone. I’ve started to...feel things.” Cameron said the last part slowly as if unsure she should say it but needing to tell Sarah.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A machine starting to feel things. A machine that’s already had problems with programming and harming people. “How do you know if you’re feeling things? How do you know they’re emotions?”

“I know it would be different to how you feel emotions. But I know that’s what’s happening. I don’t know why or how though. Or if it’s meant to happen.” Cameron sounded as though she was thinking out loud. Thinking, not processing.

“Well, what is it you think you’re feeling? What emotion?” Sarah thought after she’d asked that maybe she’d rather not know. What if it was anger? That could certainly mean harm for someone.

“I have felt concern, sadness, shame, jealousy...” Cameron stopped listing as she thought of all the different emotions she’d felt. Most were connected with Sarah. Some were associated with John like concern or worry. She’d decided against telling Sarah about affection and lust for the time being.

Sarah had started to accept the news but when she heard Cameron say she’d been jealous, her world stopped for a few seconds. She wondered who it was that made her feel these things. Cameron had felt sadness? Her thoughts drifted back to the bar earlier, Cameron had looked sad then.

“Who’s making you feel?” Sarah asked quietly, knowing Cameron would hear her. Their eyes met and Sarah knew before Cameron had said a thing.

“You.” Her tone soft and careful. When Sarah broke their eye contact and looked down, Cameron moved closer on the bed and continued, “I change inside when you’re near me or when I think about you. I don’t know what it is; I don’t know where it begins. But it’s there and it’s everywhere all at once.” Sarah couldn’t help but look back up at Cameron, her expression confused but honest. When did she start doing that?

“How long have you been like this?” Sarah tried to distance herself, as if she didn’t feel the same way.

“Five weeks and three days.” Cameron stated almost instantly. Sarah exhaled in a sigh and ran a hand through her hair.

“I didn’t notice such a big change.” Sarah admitted quietly.

“I tried to be more...robotic around you but I started to feel more and it became harder to hide. But I noticed the change in you, Sarah.” Cameron was looking at Sarah so intensely, as if willing certain words to come out of her mouth. Sarah’s world once again halted at Cameron’s words. She knew. She’d noticed.

“I...No, we...can’t talk about this.” Sarah stuttered in a hurried voice. Cameron moved even closer to her on the bed. They were in arms reach of each other. This conversation had really worn Sarah out but not so much that she didn’t notice something about Cameron right now. There was longing in those eyes.

“We don’t have to.” Cameron reassured Sarah while she rested one hand on the other side of her and leaned closer. Sarah knew what was coming yet did nothing to stop it. She wanted it but didn’t realise how much until this moment. Maybe the left over alcohol in her system let her give in. Maybe it was how exhausted she was. Maybe she was ready.

Cameron’s lips softly pressed against Sarah’s. Cameron had no idea that such a simple kiss would make her feel so much. Like she had endless amounts of energy. When she pulled away out of amazement, the sensation somewhat dulled. Sarah opened her eyes she didn’t know she had shut and looked at Cameron, wondering why she had stopped so suddenly.

Sarah saw Cameron lick her lips and couldn’t help kissing her again. It was longer this time and they were moving closer to each other. Sarah wondered where Cameron learned how to kiss like this. Her curiosity got the better of her and she licked Cameron’s lower lip, sure enough Cameron went with it and their kiss deepened. Sarah found herself holding Cameron’s hips tightly and Cameron had her free hand on the back of Sarah’s neck.

Sarah dropped a hand to rest on Cameron’s thigh and heard her moan softly. The sound sent an unimaginable amount of excitement through her body but also made her realise how far this could go. Sarah pulled out of their extreme kiss.

“Cameron...Fuck...” She whispered through her heavy breathing as the girl looked at her in confusion. “We need to stop. We can’t do this.” Cameron slowly took her hand away and sat back. Sarah dropped her hand from Cameron’s hip but let her other stay on her leg.

“It’s too fast. That’s all. I just need some time to think about the talk we had.” Sarah explained, smiling a little in the hopes of cheering the sullen terminator up.

“I’m sorry, Sarah.” Cameron looked away and went to stand. Sarah grabbed her hand before she could go.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m happy you trust me.” Sarah honestly told Cameron.

“Do you trust me also?” She asked softly, afraid of the answer. Sarah took a moment to think about the question before answering.

“Yeah, I do.” It was the truth and she’d only just realised it. Cameron smiled and went to stand, this time Sarah let her go.

“Goodnight, Sarah.”

“’Night, Cam.”

The door was closed quietly. As Cameron walked back downstairs she started to fear that when Sarah learned of her real mission, the trust they had just developed would be destroyed. Sarah only got a few hours sleep but that was nothing new.


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